work is work.  i can’t believe it’s over for now.  thursday evening my team called it off early and we decided to have hard drinks at the accounting department.  we were already buzzing on our way to the firm meeting and went after the red wine while one of our head honchos managed the agenda for the evening… 

puerto princesa was a nice place when i visited.  nevertheless, i have remembered something similar to my daydream earlier this friday morn.

i looked into the lush greenery, tropical trees swaying from the salty yet cool breeze of the pacific ocean.  the hot, sultry yet windy weather easily chapped the skin that was exposed from my tia maria’s tank top.  i picked up a twig from the shade formed by the canopy of coconut trees and started writing on the sand.  i wrote down the name of that person whom i thought was going to be the one in my life but ended up hurting me.  i knew that the seawater would wash the writings away as i’ve come to realize that everything has to go its own path.  no matter what the hurt i still should be happy that i met her, that we at least got to know quite a bit of each other and realized somehow we could share our dreams sometime down the road.  it didn’t happen anyway, but i wish her all the best intentions no matter how she might have perceived mine as otherwise.  i did want the best for her, and for both of us if that was possible.  but i guess as soon as the sun sets will i realize that all this is just another writing that will soon be washed away.  i kept on staring at the writing until all i can see are smooth surface dunes formed by the splashing waves and a hermit crab crawling its way back to its hole.  i’ve written on these sands a thousand times about every trial and now i have to move on again no matter what.  life really is amazing and i’m still happy with my life despite the failures i’ve made with people whom i thought i loved once.

i walked away happy-go-luckily to the other side of the beach and tripped over a stray log that i didn’t notice.  the island people chuckled.

…back to the real world. 


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