“primary hard disk drive not found.  fixed optical drive not found.”

i guess my notebook’s down.  there’s nothing i can do about it but wait for dell to bring a service box that i can send to their depot for repairs.  i might end up having it picked up by my workplace as i figured all of my family’s out by the pickup time on monday.  i’ve been using my roommate’s to get online since i’ve been visiting my apartment this new year’s.  he, his girlfriend and family, won’t be back from china until the third week of the month.  my other korean roommate has been enjoying his holiday with his family down in los angeles.  he won’t be seeing 2 of his sisters as the other started worked in england a month ago and the other did volunteer outreach in china for quite sometime.  the 2 others who graduated from yale are the only ones he’s spending the holiday with and he plans to make the most out of the sibling bonding. 

it was a sunny day at my parents’ place.  my younger sisters were taking the christmas decorations off the house.  i gazed into the green field behind the humble abode as i tried recalling the events that occured from the day before.

woke up early at 3am.  i slept early friday night as i figured it would only be the same routine with partying or chilling with any circle of categorical lifestyle.  i had the urge to read at barnes and noble but somehow the cold weather precluded my motives of doing so.  i felt the deep silence as i closed my eyes and breathed very slowly and calmly focusing into the only patch of light, the lit lamp on my study table, that my closed eyes could see from within.  i slowly fell asleep.

the sun was shining when i woke up mid-morning.  i hung the rest of my laundry clothes into the closet and freshened myself up for this lovely saturday morning.  the ride needed to be washed so i decided to go to the manual car wash place right along university.  i passed bancroft and saw a man meditating while facing the sun.  arrived at the car wash place.  the 2 ladies on both washing spaces were taking a while than i expected.  unbeknownst to everyone’s presence, the rest of the wash machines broke down and the rest of us waiting had to form a queue on the last working machine. 

the inconvenience did not bother me.  i tried calling grandmaster doc fai wong’s place for an accupuncture appointment.  dw said he won’t be back until next week so i had to try my luck again by that time.  it was 12 noon.  i would have been doing sparring rotation with those people by that time on.  i cancelled my membership last year knowing that commuting to san francisco would defeat my efficiency of studying during the weekends.  i kinda miss being beaten up sometimes and i thought that was weird.  could still remember my scars on my hands, a somewhat broken yet recovering sternum, and a sprained right foot that after misapplying a fancy kick that landed me into a brief romantic encounter with the ground, kissing it while i sighed in pain laying there for the next 5 minutes. 

i tried calling the blood centers of the pacific for my next blood donation while i was next in line for the washing.  had to wait 8 more weeks before i can donate again.  the guy in front of me was apparently using this car wash to clean his bike.  still didn’t bother me.  why should small things anyway?

the drive to sf wasn’t bad at all.  phoned the tux place at fremont and figured i could return the tie that i missed returning from a previous event to another store in serramonte.  the bay bridge held its majestic weight supporting all passing cars to and fro.  the lower level used to have a railroad track decades ago.  a carpooler once told me it would take him a good 3 hours to commute to cal from daly city everyday.  now it only takes 20 minutes to get through with the advent of better transportation.

a good friend called and asked me to visit him at his workplace.  told him i’d be there 3:30ish.  went to the inexpensive eatery in the mission district to buy my brunch.  i wanted to go to fort funston to view the clear pacific ocean.  my cousin and i used to jog at its winding dirt tracks that a lot of people also take their dogs for a walk.  it was the same old, peaceful place. 

my cousin just called.  she was doing laundry in vallejo and i agreed to go to church with later.  it’s so funny that i just thought about her and somehow got a hold of her whereabouts right after.  william colby, c.i.a. director until the 70’s, got this hinch that all of the conspiracies done by the intelligence were aimed subversively and destructively for political domination.  thinking about such led to a powerful turmoil within the us government and its saboteur infiltration against the former u.s.s.r. and chile.  a single thought led to fate’s course of action.

my thoughts led me back to the early weekend revisited.  the battery that i was sitting on at fort funston reminded me of the german artilleries underneath it firing at the us marines scattered from the beach code named omaha as several died that remembered d-day.  i am in america.  that was on june 6, 1944 on the coast of france off the english channel. 

i stared at the vast horizon and thanked for the tranquil reflection of the afternoon sun on the bluish ocean as a border terrier hopped onto the battery that i was sitting on.  it smelled the food i was eating.  i hesitated about its owners about its regimen but i gave a good share of my meal nevertheless.  it seemed to like it.  the dog went back to its owners as it crept into the shrubs that grew behind the colossal iron shelter.

i started looking into the mass schedule.  i had to do laundry before i leave my parents’ place.  my brother’s still playing hitman 2 as my mom prepared late lunch.

my friend works at a discovery outlet in sf international.  he used to do software consultation and contract work during the .com days.  he was 26,  still a bit big-built as we used to lift weights together, wearing his favorite black nascar jacket and slacks, and declared that he had somehow dwindled his hopes of getting back with the industry.  rc was kinda frustrated at his work but i told him just to hang in there.  he decided to stay there as he met a co-worker who caught his eye.  the lady was taken but not married.  i warned him that he was playing with fire.  he said that he was just flirting with her and heard from someone that the girl kinda liked him too.  i still insisted.  the cycle would be a disastrous one if he pursued with his subtle libido.  i stayed at his workplace for 2 hours as he promised to validate my parking stub.  i didn’t expect anything less.  i offered to give him a ride as he left his at his place.  he kept on flirting with the british-cambodian chick while i read books that caught my interest in the store. 

the drive going to another friend’s to millbrae wasn’t bad.  i explained some philosophies about having my friend change his perspective on some things.  i could not explain everything to him.  i knew i had the idea but i reiterated that it was somewhat vague to term what i was supposed to send across.  i had to be tactful as i knew his situation was a sensitive issue.  i then remembered lao-tzu’s line from tao tze ching.

the way that can be named is not the way at all.

that wasn’t the verbatim taoist saying.  i couldn’t even explain it myself.  but somehow i knew the idea was there inside me.  we talked for hours on that same thought while some of our friends came over and partook with our share of little ceasar’s pepperoni pizza and italian cheesebread.  like same old loitering times. 

the sky was clear that saturday evening as one of our friends saw something enigmatic across the sky.  we saw it ourselves and it wasn’t anything from the usual things that we could see on a dark night.  no further comment.  more disclosure can lead some to think that we were crazy at that time.  but we knew it was out of the ordinary.

the videocam was just sitting on the desktop.  i had to return it to my friend since it didn’t work for both desktops and laptops.  must be the operating system of its recommended compatibility.  2:30pm and the illuminating rays still dominated the clear sunday sky.

we ended up going to a coffee place in daly city and another friend invited us to a house party.  it was apparently his going-away party before he leaves for the marines.  saw more of the circle that we used to hang out with and caught up with what’s going on with them.  the other people whom i just met that saturday seemed friendly despite their constitution and appearances.  i didn’t want to drink.  i just wanted to get my grub on.  i ended up playing ps2 with the younger siblings as the party went on.  jr’s mom seemed worried about the neighbors calling for the cops to stop the party.  the usual mom-type of thing.  i assured her it wasn’t all about them.  it’s just the law enforcement’s duty to bring peace when they are called for.  i’ve seen worse.

one of my friends’ car got bumped into when we were about to leave.  it was very disappointing for him since he just enlisted his ride to a car show happening 2 weeks from now.  that phase was over for my age but i felt for his spiteful disappointment.  wished them all the best inspite of knowing his dad was gonna find out soon and count the financial spending he had just thwarted in such a short time.  i felt really sorry for him as i drove back to berkeley.  live 105’s subsonic was still playing.  2am sunday.

i woke up late.  i didn’t get to los altos again.  there should be a reason.  one thing i know for sure is i stayed up late and i had to be blamed for it.  sunday in berkeley was a bit sunnier.  the guy from the lobby of my workplace predicted that weather was going to be in the 70’s this coming week.  i can’t wait for that.  the bay area does not experience snow so we had to go up to tahoe for snowboarding. 

the evening got colder.  one friend said he wanted  us to take geo metro’s if we wanted to go snowboarding and i thought that was just lame.  imagine geo metro’s all lined up on that windy road and ending up getting stuck in traffic as we get back to another 4 hour drive to the bay area.  i knew he was just kidding but he said his dad got the hookups for it.  still lame, but light-heartedly funny.

i smiled as my homegirl from arizona sent me a text message on my way to my parents’ place.  i wonder what she’s doing there during sundays?  phoenix should have a lot of stuff to do.  i just didn’t imagine doing a lot of stuff there when i visited her the other year.  i was only there for the weekend.  i kept on glancing back and forth from the drive and my phone as i replied.  loads of suv’s drove past me.  they were still going up to tahoe on a mid-sunday.  maybe just to enjoy for a half-day and even extend with a leave from work.  this world has a whole lot of mystery that i had to figure out.

that figure disappeared before we knew it.  we were staring at it, like a group of stars forming a stealth bomber hovering silently over us. 

“it wasn’t a stealth bomber,” ro said, “we would have seen it with lights and it was just too damn near to fly over us without any heard sound at all.”

i agreed. “even though there weren’t any lights we would never see it in this pitch black sky but we saw these star-like formation flying in one direction.”

we observed the other planes flying, corporate and private, and all agreed that it was indeed nothing from the expected that saturday evening.

i had to get my damn laundry out.  sunday’s almost over and i had to meet my cousin in a bit.


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