like nothing happened, nothing but a dream.  maybe there’s a bigger picture to all of these.  i’m just blind right now.  i’m not complaining.  i’ve seen worse days.  so what if i wanted to be true?  there’s no point.  i’m just walking through a lonely desert and not even a soul can hear me.  what now?  what more to lose?  nothing i guess.  i just wanted to give.  and i thought i was going to be there. 

i knew i wanted something in my life.  i always wanted to share it.  the search was relentless.  and i got struck by a lightning so quick.  i’m only human.  but that does not count me bound to say i should make mistakes.  i can still move on…

maybe i should really focus on what i’m supposed to do.  i still have my patience.  and it would never affect the wait.  i have so much to learn…

shall i say happier?


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