what a nice day to start the new year.  the days are just so nice.  spent the celebration at this one guy’s  huge suite in one of san francisco’s rich neighborhood.  such a good entrepreneur and benevolent philanthropist.  gt retired at his young age from his software company with too much mula and decided to do some community outreach.  i can’t believe he still does so much community work hours than anyone can pile up their overtime 2 hours.  another software company is his next goal according to a good friend.  met a lot of people and stayed up late with the last crowd  until 5am.  one started playing the ‘space’ ( as coined by a former music professor and professional pianist ) sort of genre on the piano while the circle reckoned the highlights of the night: the party crashers, and other trivial yet fun stuff related to any intervening idea that goes with the conversation.

despite the human instincts trying to supersede, i decided not to do anything to invalidate my loyalty from the last couple of weeks.  my lady’s coming back from hawaii tomorrow and i just can’t wait to see her.

guess the theory can be simple.  corporate america at least takes a second look at those willing to make the risks of anyone’s great ideas for business, regardless of industry.  it just takes one step at a time to get to that plane.  being in such a certain profession besides the computer industry does not mean the void has its anticipated wait down the road of uncertainty.  there is always something out there if one can see it, and as well take the opportunity.  who said it’s going to be easy?  well it’s not.  but the harder the toil, the greater the reaping.  and if failure ensues, then there’s about a million more hours to make up for it.  it took thomas edison at least a thousand times to discover tungsten as the best type of element to produce the prototype light bulb.  patience really is a virtue. 

one of the books about meditation, that i’ve been reading while making sporadic trips to any nearby barnes and noble this holiday, praises patience in achieving something.  but yes, we live in a world where everyone wants anything right now.  a world full of convenience.  but to the illumined ones, it is just the surface.  everybody seeks his/her own approval but sometimes does not see the fact that it is not even going deeper inside of what really the meaning to each moment is.  delving deeper does require time, and at least anyone willing can do it.  philosophical dissertations would be much easier to understand if there was a deeper understanding about where the true sense lies, and this world has so many blockages that blind us from the path of lightness.  roman catholicism may have its roots on me, but the greater knowledge of eastern religions, sages’ universal adages, and other western philosophies made sense in my life.  i wanted to apply it when i get the opportunity to venture somewhere.  ‘guess my plans of staying at the serene mountainside somewhere in this earth’s corner would be postponed because i have to apply my educational knowledge and mold it where it can reach its fullest potential for the greater good of everyone in this world.

going to see marty friedman perform beethoven’s symphony no. 9 with my co-worker’s orchestra.  i know my former bandmate would be so jealous seeing me taking a picture of a former megadeth lead guitarist.


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