here at my parents’ place.  pretty overcast.  guns n’ roses’ november rain just complemented the overcast weather.  my brothers and sisters are lazily pulling themselves out of their rooms.  i wanted to run earlier but this christmas eve is going to be an exception.

the past evenings were just hectic, well at least they were fun.  had rendezvous with old friends, relatives, ex’s families, party people, former gangsters, volunteer og’s, pasttime musicians, present and former co-workers, chill folks, sports enthusiasts, intelligent conversationalists, college peepz from all over the nation, and lots more.  the malls were getting crowded.  i guess i lost my fathomless enthusiasm with the bandwagon of society.  i wasn’t really a big fan with going with the motion of the ocean in the first place.  i believe i got what i wanted in life.  all i ever wanted was happiness anyway.  living a life of austerity and a bit of knowledge is much better than anything else in this world.

yeah, partying wears me out now.  it’s the same old thing after going out at least 3 times a week before.  i’ve reached its pinnacle and everything was empty.  life was still the same after the fun impulse.  reason seeks more of the purest sensation than mere split-second decisions.  what else do i want more?  i’m thankful regardless.  before i was looking for the party scene and now i’m slowly dwindling away from it.  once in a while isn’t bad.  there’s more to life to accomplish. 

i just read the perfect store about pierre omidyar’s jumpstart with e-bay.  i can’t believe these guys still drive beat-up rides despite their wealth.  his friends used to think he was crazy when he wanted to start an online auction.  benchmark capital, his venture capitalist, are still on the go while the rest of the internet bubble lost its existence.  and look where he is now?  he’s been donating his cheese to his alma mater and some other organizations.  i just wish someday…  i would be the same old me no matter what. 

a paraphrase from this zen book of business i also read:

everybody spends the money that they haven’t even earned, to buy things that they don’t really want, and to please people whom they don’t really like –will rogers

happy holidays and a prosperous new year!


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