work wasn’t bad.  the billing seemed to go out pretty well although i have to pull some other transactions to finish the last expenses.  our christmas party held last monday was fun although i had to leave.  the jazz band playing christmas r n’b while i kept on trying the incessantly replaced hors d’oeuvres.  a few martinis and vodka cocktails and i just felt the buzz.  went back home with the c.i.o. on the way to the bart station.  tr says he’s spending his holidays with his family with the same italian tradition.  

we postponed the lunch party at slanted door to wednesday for another co-worker’s birthday.  we had to make reservations to get a table.  at least i got to do errands during lunch hour. 

bought the dvd of goldmember for my family.  my mom was still debating on where to put the national dean’s list plaque in the house.  i’m not even sure if it’s legit.

gave my business card to a classmate in business class.  i hope to keep in touch with her right after the semester is over.  she promised she can help with my investment questions as i know she’s licensed.  i guess i like her.  we’ll see how it goes.

one of the last finals is happening tomorrow.  ‘pulling another all-niter.  i just assumed that i’m getting good grades on all of the classes despite the busy schedule.  this is it.  one more week then… rest? 


the schedule is just full of drinkfests, house parties, more corporate shindigs, club-hopping and bar-hopping, snow trips to tahoe, raves, and hot-box sessions.  i guess i decided to do a sabbatical on the last one.  i got tired of it.  if only coincidentally gil scott’s a long walk is playing and i’m in the right mood, place and time would i do it.  i need my brain still for long-term purposes. 

i just went to virgin megastore near the powell area and listened to the drum n’ bass section.  i liked the style of the mexican.  checked out the house section as well.  it’s been a while since i haven’t danced in circles.  capoeira-style goes with jungle.  that brazilian martial art would be the next big deal for after kung fu. 

study… finishing incubus’ stellar, dre’s forgot about dre and sepultura’s symptom of the universe and then i’m off.


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