i got pulled over speeding before i reached vallejo.  the cop was nice enough to reduce my speed and advice me of driving safely right after.  i was too blind to see the cop’s car without any of its lights on.  nevertheless, i’m still happy i went to los altos.  on to life.  i’ll take care of the ticket problem with ease.

it was raining in los altos.  i felt some inner lightness just like how i’ve been feeling it ever since.  it’s strange.  it could be just me but i somehow feel it at times.

i called my japanese co-worker and asked her about what happened right after i left the bar that we went after one of her former co-worker’s house party downtown.  i tried weighing off a senior associate’s bad side according to our friday discussion at the party and least we came to an even plane.  i’m thinking of spending the new year with her at a club with other acquaintances and co-workers but i’ll see.

school work again.  it’s sunday.  no time to waste.


2 Comments on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    careful about the speeding!!  sounds promising w/the co-worker….glad u finally got some much needed zzz’s…

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    i guess i just see her as a very good friend.  more like of an older sister as we play around with each other. 
    yeah, the good 8 hour days are coming after this week.  let’s see how the party schedule goes.  thanks.

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