the revolution cannot survive if the revolutionary is killed.  so the revolutionary must be wise in order to avoid the killing fields.  not so that the revolutionary may live, but so that the revolution will live and strive.  so the revolutionary have to be wise!!  not only courageous but wise! –louis farrakhan, nation of islam

i got to live this life again after so much strife.  love and despair.  much more to knowledgeably say and yet many more people and experiences to learn and gain more knowledge from.  this week is over for now.  it will start again with good sunshine tomorrow.  it seems that knowing the way to truth involves many disasters and struggles before one can reach a better plane of existence.  the arrows have gone straight into my room.  there is more of another cloud in the sky than that of the rain falling down.  i see the blood clot form little trails down my arm as they did not even hurt me while i had the t.b. test.  i am vulnerable but at the same time am not.  such a paradox.

but i always get up.  i always will.  i felt such excruciating pains that they crippled me for almost over a month or so.  but i still stood up.  it was the same for every situation that i confronted.  it was the same face that evil showed its very existence. 

i always acknowledged its entity because i know there were the others right beside me.  i would attest to the good power.  the white circle of protection and blue flame form invisible kinetic waves out of me.  i knew these entities kept watch of my abode when i left for school and work.  they stood beside my ride when i left it in a dangerous place, and they always reminded me that they’re with me when someone is trying to play powerful mind and fatal games for my demise. 

there was always this third eye.  i somehow saw this white glazing light creating a thick silhouette of my body.  so thick that i can see the waves of my surroundings interwave with each other as i try to untangle their irregular juxtaposes to unlock more energy. 

nevertheless, i was always happy.  i didn’t know many significant others would pass my life.  i learned a lot from their knowledge and personalities.  i hope they have learned something from me too.  everytime i felt the kiss something was interchanging between us.  a surge of energy that coalesced the essence of their power, intelligence, wisdom, and inner strenght.  every ex had her own unique strength, and somehow i usurped it for my well-being. 

here i am now, growing from all the pains of life, yet stronger to face another threat.  i always had to transcend, even think out of the very outermost area a gazillion units outside the box, and connect with other outermost areas to establish a universal relationship.  the toiling everyday individuals may see me as passive and quiet sometimes, but i am always thinking.  always finding a logical solution to take care of any problem.  silence brings about a whole range of imaginary figures as one sees them float in space.  to get away from the dilemma’s plane, move around it, examine it, and use outside forces and energies to manipulate its weakness for common good.

back to earth.

a frustrated disciple once complained. ‘master, you give us all these stories and yet you never reveal their true meanings.’ the master replied, ‘how would you like it if someone offered you fruit but chewed it up to the core before giving to you?’ –anonymous


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