you know that i’m spending all my skrill on you ( oh yes i am ) i’m gonna be getting high as fuck on you ( each and everyday ) –bali club, suge & otis

just reminded me of the good old days. bantayan island, cebu, p.i. 1995

chilling on the patio of a beach house of a tropical beach, the afternoon sky painted the entire surrounding orange, the waves shimmering the tranquility of the clear blue ocean, my childhood friends by the shore sitting on the white sand, lingering from the freshly cooked prawns, crabs, kinilaw and steamed rice,  big mountain debuting the reggae version of  baby i love your way on the radio.  those were the days.

december 2002.

here.  in my room.  the fast life.  2 more till a quarter of my life,  staring at my work clothes, books, piling newspapers, and all random stuff.  time went by so fast.  i learned so much by failing and succeeding.  it’s still ongoing.  the memories are always kept in my meditations.

… on to life.

but how can you learn if you don’t fall, how can you walk if first you don’t crawl –kirk franklin


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