tuesday wasn’t bad.  workload just helped its purpose when my co-worker took time off from his financials to help me with my month end a/p’s.  our boss is such a team player.  it’s pretty obvious because he knows the forte’s essence both in his swimming competitions and at work.  i guess his calmness during work crises permeated on me and i’m grateful for that trait.  i’ve worked with bosses who’d just yell for no apparent reason or who wouldn’t even talk to me at all.  however, i’ve met a few ones whom i’ve established good work relationships with.  i just remembered how i used to work at 2 .com firms over a year ago.  such a revolutionary time for managers to establish a laissez-faire environment.  i liked it nevertheless.  imagine people having tubes on their cubes and rooms, the free soda and food at the kitchen,  a mini hoops ring and all that good stuff at the lounge.  how can i have taken those things for granted?  those were the glory days.  i remember taking edgewater exit into a downhill path leading to the san carlos/redwood city territory.  i just pass by it every now and then when i go to los altos and memories of my telecommuting just suddenly pop up with so much youthful fervor and nostalgic bliss.  i decided to work back in san francisco.  taking the m line to downtown was just as easy as closing my eyes for 20 minutes and i’m off to my station.  it’s just the same situation as i carpool from north berkeley.  i’ve chosen to carpool or ride the bay area rapid transit than use mileage and gas.  i don’t even get paid on the 36.5-cent-per-mile i.r.s. mileage policy since i’m not even using my ride to work sites.  they’re raising it up effective january 1st of next year.  and like i visit work sites…

mad propz to my co-worker who’s a big raiders fan.  he used to work for this big law firm and had his own office.  i can also say he’s street-smart as he more often than not relates his experiences out of the workplace.  he knows wassup.  well some people pretend they don’t know anything but they do know a lot while others boast that they know more but they really don’t.  he’s the in the former sector.  he’s seen how arthur andersen auditors do their nebulous accounting schemes on their firms and he’s not happy of how such people get degrees and don’t even know how to deal with business ethics.  the root of all evil is money, i suppose.  a hasty generalization and fallacy of vagueness.  just a hint.

i stared at coolworld’s planet new year 2003 flyer.  i went to that same event with an ex last year.  i don’t even feel like partying this coming new year’s.  i’ve got lots of stuff to think about by next year.  spending money for personal gratification in a once in while basis is good but sometimes i come to realize that my long term needs are in demand with further discipline.  i make mistakes with budgeting, and i’ve suffered a great deal of consequences just because of that.  i want to take my slavery off these debts so i want to start doing so now.  maybe a little spending won’t hurt.  define little.

i experimented starting from rockridge bart station going to sf this morning.  i didn’t find the carpool area as i ended up taking b.a.r.t.  not bad though.  but i wanted to fulfill the economy of full vehicle utility and transport by contributing to the community of carpoolers.  i need to do further research on this.  otherwise, it’s back to north berkeley b.a.r.t. where i’m more comfortable with.

did i say i was going to write less these days?  now what size of shoe fits in my mouth?  what the hell, i ended up writing my essay 4ish in the morning because i was having writer’s block the entire prior evening.  if my mentor were to look at my writing now, i won’t pass the academic standards of writing papers.  i’m just glad i’m writing informal journals.


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