i’m starting to see the bad effects of having less sleep taking its toil.  barbs was right, but i had no choice.  i have 3 more weeks to go and this struggle is almost over… for now.  fux studying, i guess; i’d rather have my health.

choy li fut moon yuen chi-jo sil lum jung pai duck jen chuin –chan heung

means: i am choy li fut’s original founder, but the art was passed down to me from the shaolin temple.

i admire chan heung, the founder of the choy li fut school that i had instruction from.  he put a great deal of scholarship and attribute of where the forms originally came from despite claiming them by himself.  yes, early scholarly evidence in the orient.


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  1. Barbs says:

    sleep is so essential…esp. when u’ve got work, school & family stress to deal with. =/
    get some more rest!

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