memories of a weekend revisited.

it was pretty cloudy.  overcast to say the least.  i see people wearing their alma mater colors as the big game was held that day.  the parking lot between units 1 and 2 was starting to get packed with tailgaters.  strangers were asking me for extra tickets.  it was crazy seeing how fanatic these people, the old alumni included, can become when games like these take place.  i still headed to class.  i was appalled seeing a friend who’s performing in the band for the big game.  someone had sprayed his hair blue that same morning.  that was really funny seeing him after all the unexpected times that we just live nearby each other.  busy schedules really do keep people apart.  walking nearby life valley sciences, i still noticed that same girl in the parking lot. 

class wasn’t bad.  my professor must not really be a big fan of the games as he was wearing stanford’s color even though he graduated from cal.  my seatmate incessantly kept on asking me for advice regarding the next paper though i was happy to help her out.  i noticed that some had made essays with lesser content than i had but still got good ratings.  i think it’s the guidelines that really make up for the content.  went to grab brunch and i still see people packed for the game.  it was starting at 12:30pm.

on my way home i saw an airplane with a banner saying ‘… this is bear territory,’ a warning against those from the other university who have entered the campus that their presence is omniscient to the academic locals.  i cannot make out the first phrase.  i ended up eating another lunch and took a nap.  heard screams of neighbors while i was half-asleep as they watched the game on tv, i believe.  next thing i knew as i woke up was my roommate’s girlfriend telling me that cal won…  after all these years.

darkness fell.  everyone was celebrating.  people were walking to parties and i hear the thumping hip hop beats from the frat houses.  i decided to do laundry and go to that same laundry place instead of the apartment’s own mat because the latter’s dryers don’t really work that good and i was throwing jeans into the load.  there weren’t students at all during that evening. i only saw a hispanic lady with her kids and another armanian housewife.  how could i be doing laundry when everyone else is celebrating?  i just had to, i’m out of clothes to wear.  my friend from sf called and wanted to study so i agreed to leave town to study with them.

the toll plaza wasn’t that bad.  saturday evenings usually are packed since people from everywhere go to the city to either party or just do stuff.  there’s just a lot to do in san francisco.  i’ve only gone to some clubs as there are still over a thousand ones to go clubbing and ten thousand other places to wine, dine, or just leisurely hang out.  i have just overlooked how wonderful the city is.  not until i move to new york sometime…

my friend just told me that barnes and noble at metro 280 just closed.  and i thought they were open until 11pm.  no further reference for me as i wanted to continue on my paper.  i parked along holloway as i see other students going to the library.  somehow i just missed the park merced neighborhood.  i used to live there.  so peaceful yet reasonably expensive.  i’m liking the east bay now anyway.  i kept on the lookout for mustangs that resembled my friend’s passing through while i listened to soulmatic sessions.  i still like house.  the last time i applied dance moves was from the wedding; and yes, i was drunk.  although i used to join circles to battle, i haven’t done that in a while.  jungle/drum n’ bass has been my foremost genre when it comes to these kinds of dance music.  the dance synectics group that my cousin and i used to go to learn moves has been recalled.  she’d go to the jazz session while i’d take hip hop.  i even remember going to the gym right after that just to keep my word to my friend.  such a hectic life.  it’s still is up to now, and i like it.  one day i can look back and tell myself that i did crazy things, productive anyway, that i can be proud of.  i can still remember visiting an ex in sacramento when i was living in sf at least 2 times a week.  i didn’t realize how much mileage and gas i’ve been spending.  i guess it was love that was making it happen.  and that love has gone somewhere as i’ve moved on now. 

stayed at sf state library for a while until my friend’s homegirl said she had to leave.  we were like a bunch of morons, each having notebooks like we were just there to network on games instead of studying.  my friend and i hit the thai place along clement before we came back to his house for further studying.  we used to do this a lot past midnight.  he’d just wonder how i’d pull of another day by just sleeping at least 5 hours every night.  well i guess i was lucky back then,  i can’t even have that amount of sleep these days.  a homee from the gym told me that i should have at least 6 hours for my torn muscles to recover.  i don’t even work out that much anymore.  i only do exercises at home.  i’ll get back again soon.  all those past years of working out at least 3 times a week need to be revived… as soon as i get my school and work straightened out in a lighter load. 

i have been hanging out with this chinese friend of mine for a couple years now.  we met while i was working for the law firm that he was working at.  he still works there and says that the same people were present, except for that one girl whom i really would die for just to date her.  i can’t.  she’s a lawyer and i was way too young back then.  she was my type and any kind of girl who resembled the same aura was on my hot list.  i heard she still works on the same building but on a different law firm.  my friend told me that she was just too stressed when she came aboard right after school.  i was even noticing it too when i saw her at times.  she was nice, graduated from hastings, and had a mixture of japanese and italian/peruvian.  i’m not even sure.  that was a couple of years ago.  all these memories of looking through the misty glass window.

it was from my friend whom i got to be street smart.  he was knowledgeable on the matter as i tried learning from him.  that’s why i owed him a lot in terms of dealing with the streets besides being educated.  he’s more flip-washed even though he’s still in tuned with his chinese culture.  i can see him teasing with his mom in fukien everytime i visit his place.  some friends are just the best no matter how far they may be.  the ties just never fade.

sleeping for only an hour as i still didn’t finish my paper, i had to get up by 6am to do my mission.  went to albertson’s to buy coffee and breakfast.  then to los altos.  280 wasn’t bad although i didn’t see the same amount of sun compared to when i was coming from the east bay.  the sun had to rise from the east.  inevitably straight-forward and i can do the logic.  i had to pass by foggy patches along the freeway as i focused on the chevrons that are my only visibility.  i remembered racing with this one korean chick from san jose as we came from a party on that same freeway only that it was going the other direction.  everyone comes and goes.  i moved on.  nothing happened anyway. 

weather was nice out there as i exited page mill.  always sunny.  i wonder how these people accumulate such wealth as i see their houses on the hills.  success?  inheritance?  there are a lot of factors.  the only thing that i’m concerned about is just doing things the right away if i do get somewhere no matter how hard the toil is.  i finally got to know the lady who was always there.  not bad to get to know more people.  someone was right, i had to get to know more people.  to learn the value of networking.  it does help in all fields. 

went back to sf.  u2’s ‘where the streets have no name’ was playing as i breathed and sighed along 280’s lush greenery.  i’m just glad they still kept this view intact.  saw black mountain exit and remembered this one girl whom i used to kick it with.  i’d go to her house and help her on our business calculus homework.  i wonder where she had gone to.  the last time that i talked to her was after her trip from paris and i guess everything just went to zilch after that.  i had my stupid reasons that could justify to that.  and i’m still learning.

still, the chinese-filipino restaurant was closed.  ended up doing grocery shopping with laundry stuff.  went back to the east bay. 

i tried sleeping but i guess the caffeine was still taking effect.  i decided to volunteer to this environmental/social awareness group in oakland.  i agreed to meet with someone but i didn’t manage to since my cel died on me and i didn’t want to use others’ phones.  i entered the building along webster and went up the stairs.  the gallery was full of documentaries:  names of victims who were affected by the toxic wastes that the bases had left seeping through the water table.  information about how the late ferdinand marcos’ martial law stifled a lot of social propaganda against the united states.  the u.s. general accounting office alone can determine that the cleanup would be financially stupendous if accounted for.  the bases were basically the gateways for covert operations done throughout the different countries, and there are a lot of bases stationed everywhere.  i’m not saying i’m against the u.s., but there have been a lot of hocus-pocus going on under our noses.  jame dunnigan and albert nofi’s book called ‘dirty little secrets of the world war 2’ can be one example on how such military operations have done so much stuff without our knowing, manipulating media, changing facts, etc.  i keep on blabbering… going nowhere.  i need to do something other than just talking.  i saw this one girl who got me into all these volunteering and social awareness thing.  she looked better than before.  she and her band performed 2 songs – doing a sort of an indegenous rap-pop song while the audience clapped their hands to the rhythm.  the last time that i saw her was at this one volunteer organization.  she should be doing good now as i still give her mad propz for choosing to give back to the community after graduating from harvard.  damn did she look good.  i still can’t.  lots of reasons regarding school and commitment.  like i’m going to even get it cool with her.  i still got her number.  maybe on the next program.

went to barnes and noble, did some research on the section where i saw amy tan’s ‘the bonesetter’s daughter’ among one of the books.  i liked her joy luck club.  there were more details in the book than the movie, though both were great.  i walked one block just to find out that the guitar center was already closed.  one of my guitar strings just broke so i needed to replace it.  went home after i did grocery.  the lights of the passing cars just blinded me as i drove along college drive.  talked to my cousin that same sunday evening.  she’s moving to milbrae with a friend.  i hope she gets the place.  slept like a log as soon as my eyes started to get weary and irritating.  essay was totally forgotten.

monday’s over.  work wasn’t bad.  got to do a lot of productive stuff.  one of the consultants’ executive was expecting payment on his office visit as my boss helped me figure out why such fees were still on hold even though the phase for basic services have been rendered and funded by the client.  it was an internal error.  it’s been taken cared of anyway.  off to another tuesday until this thanksgiving weekend comes.  dream theater’s ‘another day’ is playing and i just remembered another good instance.  i remember a lot, must be too emotional…  my emotions keep all of my memories intact, nevertheless.

looking for another 2 hours of sleep for this essay to get done with…

rudeness is a weak man’s imitation of fear – eric hartoff


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