friday: just thought i wanted to visit my brother at kaiser v-town when some of my good friends came to visit with me.  that was really nice of them.  got me some kfc for dinner and waited for them to come over so we can ride together.  i haven’t seen these peeps in a while.  ‘used to hang out with them when i was living in sf.  the homegirl whom i escorted with on her 18th birthday debut was there and it just seemed like the good old times.  traffic wasn’t bad at all as some old friends called them for me to get a hold of them as well.

exit redwood west.  this was that same place where this one girl lived so i’m kinda familiar with the area.  that girl.  i really did like her but i guess i was stupid enough to be a fool telling her of past player exploits when i thought i was just treating her as a friend.  i knew i didn’t get a chance with her since she was more mature than i am.  what can i say?  oh well…

peaceful as it is, the hood is just laid back as we turned until we reached the hospital.  i met my dad at the parking lot as he just got off from a work’s telecommuting.  mom called while i was on my way up to the elevator as she somehow knew i was coming over.  we all met at the room.  my brother was still sleeping when we came in.  he was crying earlier because of the pain so the nurses induced a solution to make him sleep.  my friend and my dad talked about the computer industry as my other friends stayed by one corner.  the conversation just reminded me of that same friday morning to work with this one carpooler who’s a mortgage banker having a conversation with this employee from ucsf.  it’s amazing how these people who drive jaguars, porsches and all those exquisite cars are still as down to earth as they are.  such good models to look at.  duane zitzner, hewlett-packard’s executive vice president, still goes back to viroqua, wis. to do some farming in his family’s farm.  i just give mad propz to people who know where they’re coming from.  i wish i would be the same no matter where life takes me.

ang hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan ay hindi makakadating sa kanyang kinaroroonan. – famous filipino proverb

meaning: one who doesn’t know how to look back where he/she came from cannot reach where he/she wants to go to.

i didn’t really translate that good.  i guess that kinda made sense.  the banker had an english accent and i figured he has been living in the bay area for a while when he compared economic market trends with specific rates related to his interest.  that was pretty educational as he tried to break down the scrutinized comparison between the bay area and the market’s interest rates.  it’s been a while since i worked for ucsf.  i guess the medical field really isn’t my line.  at least i got some experience being in the operating rooms on the 4th floor and seeing what supplies and instruments are needed on different kinds of operation.  i remember being disgusted by blood and when i started seeing it everyday with some chunks of body tissues did i got myself acquainted with the physiological myriad of the human anatomy.  i haven’t seen such good co-workers there in a while.  those were the days.  my mind drifted back to my brother who woke up as i tried massaging his hand when he tried to reach for me.  he eminently understood me when i told him to always think about getting better.  i knew he was.  i just had faith. 

university exit.  we see people just coming from the bonfire for the big saturday game against stanford.  this week has just been a festive preparation of bashing against the ‘archrival.’ as i’ve been seeing bands playing on the streets, midnight football games and rallies as i got off from class, and all those banners and flyers about the much awaited game.  another good friend of mine in sf asked me to go to the city because of another friend’s birthday but i thanked him even though i cannot go because i just didn’t feel like it.  i have gotten boring these days.  all i ever see every night are my books and this great technological window to the world that i’m always typing projects and this journal into.  thank God for all the small things in life.  i’m really appreciative of that despite the big problems.

i’m thinking of going to the annual celebration of ousting of the u.s. bases in oakland this sunday.  i haven’t gone to any environmental/social volunteering activity in a while because of my schedule.  i’ve always told myself that i’d go to the weekly sfdrinkclub but partying just lost its sense when one keeps on going for a while.  i played with the qi gong balls with mental frazzle.  i’ll see wassup.

but as of now, i recall this song when i was at tucson, az sexy-steadily dancing with my homegirl whom i go waaaay back in the day. 

i wanna dance tonight, i wanna toast tonight, i’ll spend my money tonight, i wanna freak it tonight – lucy pearl


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  1. Barbs says:

    ang hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan ay hindi makakadating sa kanyang kinaroroonan. – famous filipino proverb
    meaning: one who doesn’t know how to look back where he/she came from cannot reach where he/she wants to go to.
    that’s a really great saying..or at least the meaning behind it is.  sometimes we lose track of where we’re going because we forget where we started…i often feel that i’m lost because i forget this.  take care and hope things are ok with your bro…

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    thanks for all the hope with my brother.  yeah, i would like to adhere to that saying as much as i can.  very powerful as it brings that same bond of where we came from.

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