accuracy of observation is the equivalent to accuracy of thought – stevens

3 straight all-nighters and i still need another one for tonight.  my other professor told me that she would like to have my paper by friday so she can get a hold of it by monday.  i just thought that couple of days of marinating in her inbox wouldn’t be worth the premature submission.  i’d rather work on my essay more so i can prove my argument in a less-biased and precise way.  i am so hungry.  i didn’t even go out for lunch at work since i asked one of the marketing people to take a look at my flash presentation.  it wasn’t bad when i had it regardless.  i was nervous when the techie took a while to configure the lcd into mine and i knew i had to attend a dinner shindig and come back to class for another quiz.  i didn’t even make it to christopher hitchen’s forum on mario savio’s memorial lecture.  both individuals are good social writers although many have not agreed with some of their essays.  i met a former neighbor while on my way back to class.  all the people at the dinner were really friendly as they gave me some advice on important stuff that i need to nail on in the future. 

the girl beside me really is pretty although i didn’t want to ruin our acquaintance.  she’s pretty mature and is really pious on how she handles herself, humble as i can see it.  i liked that.  i just can’t because of a busy schedule.  the chick from san luis obispo i can consider as a friend as i don’t want to ruin the family ties with us as our cousin entered their clan essentially. 

hunger has invaded me.  i’m going to the korean place again.  they give lots of food compared to the others.  i just had a conversation with my mom on how my brother was doing.  i hope his recovery would be exponential.  i have faith and i knew he will get better through all of these. 

trivial introduction aside, i knew that observing alone while keeping every other sense on the backburner is crucial for understanding the primary reason of recurring instances.  some people talk and that’s how they are.  but bitching doesn’t solve the matter.  they could whine all they want and before they know it, the last 20 mins to a half hour that they used would have already gone to a productive move if they only thought of focusing on the solution.  the issue is simple, you cry over spilled milk.  but so what?  deal with it.  i got my message to this one girl last night about her tactlessness.  is it just me or is it just her?  she better watch what she’s saying coz she can be a turnoff.  i had to move on though.  what i said that night is done and it’s up to her on how she sees it.  with all due respect, i needed to say that to her since she needs some awakening and i tried saying it in a calm way.  i knew others who can’t even do that. 

anger clouds your mind.  when you are in a battle, your emotions can influence your physiological stature if you can’t control yourself.  hence emotional intelligence in the workplace and just plain everywhere.  if you lose your temper, you lose the game.  everyone knows how it goes.  the rule of grace under any kind of pressure.

i better get my grub on…

he who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past – george orwell


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