i’m past halfway done with my flash presentation.  it didn’t look bad i guess.  but after all these fervor of impeccable attempts, i knew i had a paper due by tomorrow.  and i had no motivation.  then i realize that my need to consummate such matter would only happen when i start the day tomorrow at 3am.  just like the fun wedding weekend…

pulling another all-nighter was actually fun when something exciting is going to top it off.  one of my classmates offered to turn mine in while waiting for the class as i hurried back to the street.  ‘saw the bright sun while driving along university.  i knew it was going to be a good day.  a lovely day.  i tried driving safely knowing that i’m not really running late for the wedding. 

wedding.  i never felt so elated hearing those vows.  i was having chills on my spine when my cousin and his fiancée exchanged vows.  i just noticed that the bride’s side of the family had a lot of good-looking relatives.  i know, i know…

reception.  fun.  i got drunk.  all of us got drunk.  ballroom dancing turned into house then to hip-hop.  all of us are still drunk.  i got to dance with almost all of those pretty ladies.  i felt bad because i know i was drunk to boldly dance with them.  and there was something more to that.  i apologized to the new wife and she said i was ok.  i only decided to get this one girl’s number from san luis obispo.  i’d like to be friends with her.  i’m just afraid that i might end up hanging out with her relatives, the bride’s side of the family, and start creating a reputation of following my cousin’s pursuit of finding a wife.  i just want friends for now.  i want to concentrate on my stuff first and just hang out with her when she’s in town from school break.  the others?  they all look fly but i’d rather treat them as family since my new cousin-in-law’s close to them.  i just can’t believe what i did while dancing with some of them…  oh well.

went back to the suite all drunk with the rest of the homeez and ladies and it’s still 9pm.  i sobered up by midnight and decided to go back home.  woke up 6am again to los altos.  went around stanford area for a while right after.  washed car at fremont as i figured out where the manual car wash is at.  returned the tux, and went back to berkeley.  worked on the flash presentation all day and i still haven’t even finished it.  debating on finishing flash since i’m really engrossed at it but here comes the paper due.  discipline. 

i’ve got no motivation, where is my motivation – green day

i’m tired and i need to finish a paper.  i gotta wake up by 3.


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  1. Barbs says:

    all-niters are really really bad for u. drinking at weddings is also very fun. that’s invariably the way to make people look more attractive as well.

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    i guess i have no choice with all-niters.  i deserve a break on turkey day but i’ll be spending it on one class each day.  thanks for the advice.

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