now wasn’t this weekend so tiring?  in terms of academic work i guess i didn’t do that much of it as to how i did with the coherent tasks that i had to do. 

desolo cesso

as my friend has put into his profile.  i have wanted to study latin again.  for some reason that i’ve been studying the ancient history of the western world am i in pursuit of expanding my vocabulary with the dead language.  one of my classmates has been helping me recall my conversational french.  she’s an african french national who wants to start her own business in the future and i admire her for her leadership skills as she stood out from the rest of the class during an informal test.  i don’t mind dating her.  i was about to ask her que’est que ou vous habitez? but i didn’t want to deviate from my schedule again.  the girl from the other class already has a man as i’ve realized and i told her i respect her for that.  nothing’s going to change the way i see her as a classmate. 

it just struck me because my hawaiian/pinay co-worker tells me that my fellow accountant doesn’t talk to her anymore when he saw her with this guy she’s dating in one party.  that’s him anyways.  let him be.  i’d rather try to understand him of how he wants to act because it is none of my business and i have to work with him the best i could so our team gets to work at its best shape.  but if you’d ask me if i’d ever change the way i see another lady if i can’t get to know her better: non.  unless she disses me and there’s nothing i can do about it.  let her be.

my classmates planned on going to the egyptian exhibit shipped from the british museum held at the california palace of the legion of honor.  that’s where i used to take some of my dates just to chill if the city was clear.  and no, it wasn’t a good place to get it on.  my homeez who also went there one time casted funny shadows from the spotlight on the facade that the people around that night were probably saying they were loco.  we were running late and i ended up taking the carpool lane without paying on a weekend.  the fine was $271 and i’m not sure if i’d get away with a red herring and ignoratio elenchi excuse if i’d get pulled over.  i’m just glad we didn’t.  it was really nice seeing the exhitibits besides the other works of art.  my art professor was right, egypt was a huge metropolis that the diversity of its citizens was so wide-ranged.  i can hear enthusiasts commenting that some sculptures had asian and other features from a different race.  i had to take that misnomer of ancient egypt having a huge slave population, if there really was at least a social sector, from the biblical movies that i saw when i was a kid.  egypt did commission architects and engineers who worked together in building those huge statues.  oh i would love to go to those places one of these days.  my professor, who also went to cal way back in the day, had a portion of his life spent on just traveling around the world just to see these marvelous sites as we can see it from his slides.  he knows a lot about the arts and the educational and cultural statement behind such works.  he can say that the master of flémalle’s tripytich mérode altarpiece has a lot of symbols on the painting proving why mary, the mother of God, hasn’t conceived.  all the cultural and political agenda laid out is well-explained and our professor has a personal statement to essentially comment.  and plus, he incites not overrated but intellectual jokes in his discussion.

getting back to the exhibit,  i liked william-adolphe’s pietà.  very intricately painted.  i’m not going through with the formal analysis as i know there are better art critiques out there than me.  ‘saw some monet paintings, les impressionists, and this one guy philip guston who had his drawings featured in which my other classmate didn’t like.

i also got to see a former co-worker of mine.  what a small world.  make that three for this weekend.  one i just saw at comp.usa in emeryville and another just right outside my unit.  i can’t believe he knows my neighbor who i realized was also from michigan.  him and his female roommates accomodated me while i was locked out while doing laundry one monday evening.  such nice people.  going back…

i ended up going to my cousin’s place in south city.  her parents told me about my brother’s condition.  i know they are more educated than i am on such medical terms but i didn’t want to believe myself that this was going to happen to my brother for the rest of his life.  i still had faith that he was going to make it to perfect health.  i lingered after a good dinner and headed off to the concerto.

into the mission district.  haven’t been there in a while.  it took me a good cruise around the neighborhood so i can find parking.  po’s were still roaming around the area.  i decided to pull over and flash my hazards when i thought one of their cars started following me as i noticed from the rear view mirror.  yeah, i thought.  i can be wrong.  but i’d rather be safe than sorry… although i’m not guilty of anything.  i’ve at least gotten away with 2 citations by contesting my side of the story in court except for that one speeding ticket in davis when i was hurrying my way to an ex in sactown.  i guess the officer was good in not exceeding my fine since i explained i had to exhaustively come all the way from work in sf.  he didn’t believe that i had to take a piss as well coz according to him i have just passed 4 exits with restroom signs while flying about 100mph.  from that time on i knew i had to drive smarter and reason out smarter the next time i had to deal with these people.  they’re nice people doing their job nevertheless.  ‘same ordinary people who live out lives just like the rest of us.  i know someone who’s a cop, my family’s neighbors are cops, a cop helped me when my engine broke down on me because i was retarded enough to put less oil on my way doing temp work at liberate technologies.  they’re good people as how i see it.  just like the vendors who ask me for status of cash flow with their outstanding invoices.  they’re just doing their job. 

so as i gather my disposition of coeval thoughts about the mission district scene.  i ended up parking by the side of the mission presbyterian church where my co-worker is performing.  i arrived when the orchestra was playing one of bach’s cantate.  i saw her come on stage, and with the rest of the different sections, played her flute on brahms’s 4th symphony and mendelssohn’s violin concerto piece.  i just saw that lady playing the violin.  i kept on wondering if i can convert her arpeggios into my guitar playing.  i know i could, but the neck of a violin is so short that one can play a more versatile range than that of a guitar’s.  oh well, i’ll still try to figure those modes out.  that is if i can still recall by the time i get back home.

i went back to berkeley and amazingly had a peaceful saturday night the rest of the evening.  slept early since i had to go and finish this mission to los altos.

woke up at 6am.  i knew that this was going to be the day.  i put on my fisherman’s hat and denim jacket on while it started drizzling.  i took the same route coming from college drive.  the drive along 880 wasn’t bad as i noticed i’ve been going past cars which i guess aren’t speeding since they weren’t in a hurry.  i kept on looking at the rear view mirror in pursuit of pos’ cars.  kmel had the gospel stretch playing and i decided to listen to some.  i then switched to the jazz station as i noticed the sun slightly rising from the horizon, creating an atmospheric perspective.  such a picturesque moment.  i drove my way to dumbarton bridge and saw the tranquility of the little marshlands on the overcast side while the sun kept on shining on the other.  the radio played a jazz guitar piece as the rain started trickling on the windshield.  got into 101, then to the same exit leading to stanford, only that i had to take the one going to page mill.  i went up the hill, taking these names that i thought were of religious affiliation and arrived at my destination…

inner peace;

morning sun slowly glimmered me while i’ve been closing my eyes in deep meditation and prayer.  i’ll be coming back…

i went back taking 280 to the city.  i didn’t know superstars doesn’t open until a later time.  they prepare filipino dishes like tocilog ( tocino – sinangag: filipino fried rice – itlog: egg ) at $2.50.  i’d get 2 of those when i used to live in the city and i can call it a good feast for the entire day.  knowing that my cruising around was inefficient, i decided to go back to berkeley.  autumn leaves and newspaper leaflets were blown by the wind as i passed along university avenue.  the sky was greyish blue and i knew it was going to rain again.  i parked my car in my apartment and decided to walk along telegraph for a haircut.  the shops were still closed.  it started to rain and somebody had gotten my umbrella from the thursday symposium.  i’ll buy another cheap one from marshalls when i get an opportune time.  i pulled the east bay express paper from the paper stand and used it for cover as i walked my way while the rain started pouring hard, drenching my clothes. 

it was a rainy sunday morning in this melancholy autumn weather.


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