the more we examine ourselves, the less we criticize others – maureen, hazlet nj

2nd night to pull another all-nighter.  dusty baker and the giants divorced.  i feel so sleepy.  ‘at my folks’ place.  the drive going north along 80 wasn’t bad at all.  it was quite a storm in the entire bay area.  some of my friends from the peninsula had their classes cancelled because of power failure in some areas.  the gales did blow hard on the trees.  i wasn’t feeling it when i was at work.  the birthday soiree turned out pretty good.  i pretty much made it to the month closing thanks to my fellow accountants who were very helpful and considerate of my technical shortcomings at times.  i still need to learn some more.  and some i had to figuratively stumble to learn more.  i’ve gotten used to the condition of learning more when a subtle force is penetrated into my system. 

i’m already happy with my grade on the business exam.  i had to coordinate with using the lcd for my presentation.  i haven’t even started my flash program and it’s due in two weeks.  thinking of an elaborate presentation was on my mind.  it would take a lot of my time doing that although it can help with my grade for doing the hard work.  i gotta start work now.  but that’s scheduled for this weekend.  doing an essay is the current task that i have to follow in my program. 

there were some essays that touched me earlier.  it’s a long story.  this guy had to experience such difficulty in different social aspects because of his situation.  now he’s graduating and is as ‘strong as a horse’ as what the speaker said.  change everything!!  well, not everything.

still 00:36am, and my eyes are so weary.  let me do a compromise.  i’d sleep in a bit and wake up for later’s tasks.  i’ve got so much in mind that i want to accomplish.  essays, presentations, readings, trip preparation and all that.  let me grab that nap… and wake up in a couple of hours or so.  i just had to finish this.


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