the family bonding was well worth it.  i got to talk to my mom about what’s been going on with family friends and relatives.  thoughts about life experiences and all that.  the wheel of life.  you never know when you’re gonna be on top of it or when you’re way down below.  i’ve seen the downturn of those who treated me condescendingly.  money isn’t everything at all.  i had to understand them as well since they lived the affuent life.  and this is how it goes with those who talk and act to certain people and instances.  they don’t know how it is to be in their shoes.  yeah, ignorance is bliss… but jealousy is ignorance according to ralph waldo emerson.  nonetheless, i had to transcend from this perspective and move on with what i’m supposed to do.  at work, school, and everyday life, these principles are so applicable. 

my younger brother isn’t feeling well, and we had to take care of him.  i used to get mad at him when i was younger.  i didn’t understand how it was to let him be no matter how he violates  the standards that i selfishly know as a young kid.  the first time that he was out of the household for a vacation did i start to realize how important he was as a brother to me.  you never realize the value of something or someone until they’re gone.  he’s probably going through the same teenage struggle that i had before.  i told him not to be so hard on my younger sisters, as the latter are now taking care of him when he’s sick.  i made him realize that his materialistic wants aren’t all that in this world.  my mom told him that he’s been so unsatisfied with what he’s had as he tries to complain on getting better luxuries.  going up is not bad at all, but he has to remember to keep his feet on the ground.  he has to learn and relive his roots. 

no matter how high i may get up in life, i would try not to forget those who are still in my circle.  those whom i can comparatively outstand in terms of status.  but status isn’t everything.  it’s just a name.  a brand that some people can easily get controlled or mesmerized on.  i would like to be the same person no matter where i go or no matter how high life takes me.  i’d like to make friends with almost anyone.  coz i know this status can only last for a short time.  i would be rolling all along the same wheel of life, so i wish to stay resilient as i can.  i may have those who despise me, but i’d rather move on.  i can’t help it if they act that way.  it’s not my problem but theirs so why get drowned in their misery.  i’m out of your hole.  still, there’s nothing to prove.  i’d rather be happy.

i wish that i could make myself stronger, able to resist anything that can intrude my well-being and sanity.  it’s just a mind-over-matter issue.  my cousin never takes any medicine when he gets ill.  he just stops thinking about it.  he may have not graduated from a prestigous school, but he’s got the wit of being street-smart and reasonably omniscient with what’s going on in life.  moving on…

one thing i’ve been noticing and formally instituted a corollary while driving down the rainy freeway, vehicles behind me that merge to a nearby lane don’t come back on my lane when they realized they can’t overtake me.  it’s stupid but looks like a small explanation of pride.  oh, i’m not straight-forward with what i said.  it’s not that i don’t want to be overtaken, but i have just been noticing.  per socrates’ observation on the three types of people in this world, i keep on noticing.

nope, not partying this weekend, just the concerto.  and some more school work to consummate.

but when you learn, you can’t tie me down, baby doll, check it out… i get around – 2pac shakur


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