ooh, the haas of pain…

drove past the construction workers starting their day-job in unit 2’s premises.  the classical music station’s hourly news reported a few of the candidates and propositions that i voted won and got passed respectively.  house and senate are republican-dominated.  i cannot judge until the next years come.  proposition o on the organic coffee beans issue went down the drain.  schwarzenegger’s prop 49 went through as my carpooler hissed.  worldcom still owes me money as the chronicle’s business section announced billions more that they need to pay with more violations.  this is the world i know.

lots of stuff to do by this week, i guess i’m gonna pull another 3-day all-nighter ordeal with all these work and school stuff going on until this weekend.  ( now where’s that beta lean supplement? )  i knew i had to sacrifice my last weekend for my cousin.  it was fun, however.  and it was for his best time weeks before he gets married. 

i had to leave work early today.  i guess i pretty much did the billing backup stuff needed for the sf clients.  i still have to do quite a few more for the east coast.  i overheard one of the frequently-calling clients calling my co-worker about an invoice that seemed to be preposterous.  i knew the dilemma.  the consultant faxed us the same invoice and marked off the amount and name with that of another consultant’s.  i guess i have to be more tenacious when it comes to more stuff.  trying to go with the motion of the ocean cannot do its part all the time.  i called the location of interest, nevertheless, and found out that there were apparently two stays that had to sum up with the right aggregate of that portion.   i guess i’m out of schedule with one of the closings.  my incumbent boss for this week had to attend a conference and i had to concentrate on what i thought was impetuously important.  here comes my resilience.  information does show its monetary value when someone’s doing an overall account analysis and reconciliation with some of the contingent work that i do.  i have to finish this off later… that is after doing another reading.  can i hear an ‘oh well?’  or is it an ‘amen?’

one of my japanese co-workers whom i’m kinda close with is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.  our circle is having lunch at e & o trading company.  i just don’t want to miss a lot of work when i get back.  she’ll be surprised by another inside joke of mine. heheh 

per ann mahony’s book on ‘handwriting & personality,’ i could really attest that one of the senior associates writes in a way that essentially constitutes his personality.  there are a lot of ways of telling from one stroke to the depth of writing but i knew the gentleman was on top of things and at the same time street-smart and book-smart regardless of how he dresses himself to work.  hey, i do that too when it’s dress-down day.  someone jokingly told me that my low-waist wearing isn’t corporate enough.  i know, i know.  i’m still not at that age when i want to take the ample space out between my boxers and my pants yet.  it’ll come in time, but not now.

latest song that i just figured was craig david’s acoustic version of ‘fill me in.’  man, i used to figure out a lot of songs by ear and then when metallica’s ‘and justice for all’ album kicked into my system, i just started relying on tabs.  hey, why waste your time figuring out the tunes when they’re already laid out for you for a cheap price?  i miss my former bands.  we used to play metallica and megadeth songs on our free time.  we even end up not doing our studying because we just jam outside the dorm and play.  oh those good old times.  i still play foo fighter’s acoustic version of ‘everlong’ and it just reminds the band playing the original version during a college of science symposium program.  i just loved the drum track on that.  the only pantera song i played on stage was ‘mouth for war’ but we only did it as an instrumental prelude for ‘bullet with butterfly wings.’  i just love it when people start forming mosh pits on a heavy song.  my experience from rage against the machine’s concert in oakland was really nice.  people in the mosh pits are nice when i slipped in the middle.  they helped me get up and still get on with the body-bashing as sweat and bone thumps are felt.  i can’t believe gangstar also performed before them.  oh these songs.  last songs i played tonight: eric clapton’s ‘classical guitar’ and ‘tears from heaven.’  enough of this song fumbling.

he who by reanimating the old can gain knowledge of the new is fit to be called a teacher – analects 2:11

so as confucius says, i have come to ponder on that statement and at least tried to apply it to nuances of everyday life.  i guess that’s why i’d go with what the system says first until i get so comfortable with it that i can make decisions fraught with expedient certainty.  ahh, too much thinking and blabbering.  time ticks slow as i keep myself distant from sleep.  let me wrap up with a ‘hereby’ execution analogy from john searle

performative: utterances that intend to constitute the performance of the act named by their verb


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