last night wasn’t bad after all.  the laundry lagged and i ended up not drying all of my clothes.  jeans should be separated from the lighter clothes next time.  this habit would not be more or less of a reprobate’s if it was in a degree of laziness and efficiency.  i packed my extra clothes and personal stuff into the sports bag and headed up for the garage.  the neighbors seemed to be quiet tonight.  they usually have their music banging with their weekly partying.  it’s still just past 6pm.  i guess it’s prematurely exciting to start their fraternity/sorority parties.  i laid the bag into the trunk and noticed that the girl’s car parked across me wasn’t there.  she must be having a good time herself, having something similar that i’ll be going to in the next couple hours.

i drove through the peaceful ambience along the college avenue strip.  wells fargo was just passing my way so i might as well get some cash instead of withdrawing from the portable atm machines and getting a convenience charge.  i usually take the 80 going to hayward.  this time i took another route from college drive, which i think is better and has less traffic than sitting along the dragging saturday afternoon to early evening slow traffic along 80. 

i arrived at hayward and saw about 20 guys out on my cousin’s pad.  i guess they were waiting for me already.  i told my cousin i was running late.  we headed out to meet his other friend at burger king in chabot.  his workplace must be nearby there.  the count was deep.  5 cars driving their way through san mateo bridge, to 101, 280 and down to the sunset district along 19th avenue ( i forgot to mention the 5-minute pass along 380 ).  i remembered those days about 2 years ago when i’d get so excited seeing other cars flashing their hazards just to get the trail of others following them to another rave or house party.  those were the hardcore party days.  moreso, a reminisce of the varsity days wherein there was usually about a good 15 cars lined up outside the gymnasium, men’s and women’s teams plus the other people from different sports teams whom we kinda knew, that are just ready to either party or hang out on a friday night after a good training session. 

we just merged onto the path leading to 19th avenue.  i passed by the park merced apartments and could still see one of those units on the 11th floor where i used to stay when my abode was in sf.  yeah, i had good times there too.  the place had a view, overlooking the westlake district area.  i’d just sometimes sit in the living room, look out at the dazzling lights as i sporadically sip the red wine and stroke one of my roommate’s pets snuggly resting on my side on the reclining chair.  i guess that was one of those good places that i’m not going to forget.  my last week of stay in that apartment was a very contemplative musing of how so much memories i’ve had in there even though i’ve stayed for only just a year.  the relationships, the hookups, the parties, the quiet times, the happy moments and the struggles all bundled up into that one single memory that was a part of my park merced experience.  the administration still sends me e-mails regarding their recent activities in the sports facilities and recreation center just nearby the sf state campus.  i think it’s called the villas.

traffic flow wasn’t that bad as we passed by 19th avenue.  one of my cousin’s friends kept telling me to follow his direction on where to go.  i somehow got this feeling that he has this personality that senses a false credulity in my cousin’s friends and keeps on imposing his own principles that he assumes they would follow.  that’s his personality, nevertheless.  let him be.  he doesn’t know that i’ve lived and drove around the area a million times.  i’d rather keep quiet.  it’s easier to act dumb unless times call for a fair comment and intelligent defiance.  the place was along taraval.  that was the strip where i used to regularly take my kung fu sessions.  it was on the east side of 19th avenue, however.  i lost the trail of the other cars that flashed their hazards when we got stuck a block behind by the red light, and yet decided to take another route getting there.  i guess i still remember my way around sunset district.  that part was just a small portion of that. on a side note, the side street was just short  and easy route leading to our destination. 

we had a good meal.  i really wasn’t expecting that this was going to be the place that they set the strippers for.  the best men found the service on the internet site and their agreement had boiled down to the private upper floor of that humble italian bistro.  i observed the angled u-shaped table.  it reminded me of the last supper; the lights were pretty melodramatic that i had to remember how nostalgic the disciples were during the last hours of jesus before he was going to be crucified.  the interior had a victorian setting, much to a renaissance to my musing.  recalling the paintings that we studied in our art class had interiors dating in the 1800’s similar to the room’s texture.  my cousin and groom-to-be was on the center with his best men, his best friends, and the rest of the circle surrounding him.  there were 2 poles supporting the rest of the wooden romanesque vaults and we were joking that those poles would come down from the cranulations when the strippers arrive and do their part.  the group was essentially a mixture of younger upbeat hip-hop clad generation prattling about girls, cars, and other wild memories with them, and the second group were young married men who talk about the corporate side of their jobs and narrating the melancholy yet productive experiences of their family lives.  the atmosphere was diversely emanating to my point of view and observation.  everyone was getting along well.

10pm.  the strippers came in.  the restaurateur and his assistant had arranged the hall setup so that my cousin would be sitting in the middle as those strippers relinquished the sanity out of him.  he was so drunk, staggering around the room while all of us cheered and teased him on his countenance.  i won’t go into further details on what happened.  let’s just say i didn’t divulge my raw cravings into the feasting of the flesh as i know some of the others shared their fluids while sucking and licking the body parts of those gorgeous girls.  it was all for my cousin.  i offered my carnal money to either my cousin a couple of times or one of the homeez.  one of the girls was hot though…  temporary as it is will i consider it.  experience is good, but not an absolute necessity.

with my cousin drunk, the caravan snaked back to 19th southward and headed to 280.  to my nonchalance and ironic excitement,  we were then again heading off to mission rock.  we ended up illegally parking at the same block outside the apartment complex and walked to the entrance without pry.  lots of beautiful, cute, and sophisticated women, all showing off their skins and fatal audacity.  again, met some old friends who i think are regulars and just chilled for a moment until the long island kicks in.  i got rejected to dance with some girls but managed to dance with a couple others.  i gladly thanked those who turned me down because i want them to feel the respect and thank them for making me notice their good-looking faces.  i really wasn’t feeling the need the get their numbers anyhow.  i told them that they would not even expect me to get their digits by the end of our rendezvous.  this one chick that i danced with just lived one block away from me.  she already graduated from cal and is pursuing her engineering career.  she told me that my pickup line was so lame yet unusual.  i didn’t care.  i told her i just wanted to dance because i felt like it and her friend was picked up by my other friend so i didn’t want her to be left behind.  we danced for a good hour and kept on teasing our respective friends when they started kissing.  i didn’t want to do that now.  we parted ways and met up again later by the end after i met some other ladies whom again i didn’t even want to get their numbers.  i teased one of my cousin’s friends about using this pick-up line that i told him would work.

excuse me miss, but my friend over there was asking if you think i’m cute.

ha, what thickness.  and unbeknownst to my impulsive chatter, i discreetly uttered to the couple next to me:

aye man, your lady is cute.

the girl was my type.  short-haired even though i’d go for any length, cheerful, smooth skinned, and i just thought there was something inside her that would greatly coincide with my personality from the gestures and dance moves that she does, it’s the charisma of her aura and how she carries herself.  she wasn’t doing some breaks but her moves were flawless to my appeal.  she smirked at me and i knew that she was denying to be the guy’s girlfriend.  i saw them kissed earlier and because that was she was totally out of it when i was dancing with someone else.  i wouldn’t do that.  i’d at least try my best in most cases to treat ladies as polite regardless of place, appearance, and whatever.  reckoning and analyzing the games of everyone was also one of my objectives that night for learning besides my own.  moreover, berkeley itself is a haven for such pretty intellectuals.

there goes my game again.  she pretends not to notice me but i didn’t pursue what i had in mind.  just like those other girls earlier that night.  what’s the point anyway?  just dance.  i’d rather not take it one step further for now.  i didn’t feel like it.  she was cute though.  but this night was for my cousin’s.  i vowed to look out for him as the others did the same to one another as they met and danced with other girls.  i politely kissed those whom i met after dancing and seeing them before i left the club.  that was just my courteous way of saying goodbye for now if we don’t see each other within the next ten years.  the probability has been counted since i’ve met those whom i haven’t seen in a long time in other clubs. or just plain everywhere.  holla!

… drive along bay bridge.  po almost pulled me over.  thank God for engine brake…

i woke up at my cousin’s place, staring at the blinding light that just somehow amazed my thought of sparking my being in this world.  raiders and niners are playing today.  i chilled at my cousin’s living room with him and his fiancée.  she and her friends also went club-hopping that same night.  i ate the tocino my cousin cooked for us and went back to berkeley.  i missed my ‘delayed-again’ mission to mountain view.  next time i’ll nail it, and i have to.  hakuna ma tata.  “no problem, things happen.”  as the kenyan statement says it.

last night wasn’t bad after all.



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