nothing is as stong as gentleness, nothing is so gentle as to strength

i kept on pondering on that adage as i walk my way through the asian ghetto place.  kb told me that i’ve been just putting too much stress on myself because i make things easier for people who seem not to be effective with coordinating on our side. raison d’être.

“people have a tendency to abuse those who have a soft touch.”

it did make sense to me.  but i cannot say that he was wrong.  nor am i wrong.  i believe it is on how we see things.  it is in this unique perspective that we both view how people act on us.  i have this notion that those who had an otherwise snobbish and fake personality towards others tend to be just depressed on their inside.  they end up picking on other people.  and when it gets to their turn, they cannot even handle it.  would i say hypocrites?  not the right word.  but, oh well.  what do i get for being nice to other people?  they are so nice to me.  the book on emotional intelligence has these principles that are becoming an embodiment of what i believe in.  first and foremost, i do recognize that those people on the upper executive level are those who are so calm and yet stern when crisis calls for it.  but in most cases their minds and logic are crystal-clear because they can think through things better than those who get so stressed out easily when any kind of strain comes in.  i would adhere to being nice.  it’s nice being told that one is nice.  the thought does count a lot no matter how small it is.  it’s only sad to see how some don’t see these little things because they pensively overlook them with the bigger problems.  perspicuous.

there’ll always be haters in this world.  it’s inevitable.  but how do i get through it?  i just don’t care. 

question 1: ask yourself if i care.

question 2: if you know the answer, ask yourself what to do the next time you deal with me.  because i still don’t care.  biatch!

it’s not really that.  i just don’t mind them.  i have better things to do.  i see the analogy as when i used to play volleyball with my varsity team in highschool and college.  people from the bleachers pick on you big time.  if you lose your temper, you lose the game.  the game of focusing and a lot of other stuff.  moreover, the game itself.  see how some people’s awareness get broader when you make them notice that you’re affected.  yes, i am aware of their knives stabbing my back.  but the sad part is they don’t even penetrate through me.  acting dumb.

garbage in.  garbage out.

it’s not that easy to have self-control.  but i think i’d be better off not even showing my virile weakness.  i’d do it with mind games.  being vindictive does not solve the case.  it’s more of a strategy.  you cannot go to a war without a good plan no matter how strong your army is.  no wonder someone i know utters these diabolical insults on purging someone.  the mindset is different as how i analyze it.  just because i learned some martial arts doesn’t mean i have to use it against someone.  besides, i was taught how to use mind games, subliminal manipulation and mental penetration before the physical comes into action.  people make the world go round anyway… i think that’s a principio principii fallacy.  guilty.

i’m not going to ten15 and dj tiesto is spinning.  i want to relax and enjoy the quiet moment from this challenging week.  pensive.


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