give a silly answer to a silly question, and the one who asked it will realize that he’s not as smart as he is – proverbs 26:5

after hours of pondering within this continuum, i’ve come up with an anti-thesis that i don’t even want to claim as my own.

don’t feed someone’s ego when they see your actions on a spoon-fed basis.

i’m not sure if that was an out-of-the box perception.  but in some cases we tend to judge people right away and hate them just for this certain instance that even seems unreasonable to impulsively declare their  ad-hominem.  petty quarrels arise.  people get mugged in the streets because of an askance look that deems to be of mere hating. 

i’d rather be objective, look things as if they were below me.  my soul transcends on top of me and see their sleeping untapped spirits sleeping all around me.  their full potential hasn’t been attained yet.  i had to come back.  they haven’t understood this place yet.  that’s why i’d keep it to myself and only to those who’d understand it.

in plato’s simile of a line, people who have seen the light and come back are disliked and obliterated by the others who only see the shadows on the walls that they thought is still reality.  if the enlightened show their full potential right away, they would easily stand out and of course hatred and jealousy would arise.  that’s why this noble frenchman was right in saying that it is really a great skill in hiding one’s skill.  being low-profile is better.  i admire humility.  it universally does a lot of stuff.

my class starts in 45 minutes, i have to get ready.  i’m not sure if we’re going to a museum today.  if not, i can do some studying and laundry before i head up to my cousin’s.  i’m not sure where we’re going tonight but yeah, breezies are going to be there for sure.

we dun luv dem hoes.

another classic player statement.  i’m past that as well.  it’s not worth it seeing other people’s feelings getting hurt.  it comes back to the one who initiated it anyway.  i’d like to be honest.  but i want to be alone for now and see things for myself.  development of business skills: technical, interpersonal, and conceptual is paramount.  i need the education and application.

i still have to do a flash presentation on my business class.  last time i tinkered with it was during a chemistry presentation.  i have to get back with my skills.  time is ticking.  3 more weeks and i’m up.  the sun is shining.  i just love it.  off to the shower…


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