i just realized that i’ve been using the word ephemeral a dozen times.  maybe i’ve been hearing the words a thousand times than i noticed.  i heard it while listening to npr’s california report as i ride on my carpool to sf, i heard someone in class utter it, and i ran into it while reading another book or essay.  the word is just ubiquitous.  just like the others.  a plethora of words that juxtaposes the human mind into  oblivious verbose.  much to my enkempt disposition in terms of papers in my bedroom, this rhetoric pilferage has abdicated my efficient organization in performing which task has to be done first.  i, however, managed to finish all of my journals, do some chores, and read the needed books and essays for this week’s classes.  honestly, 2 more to go and my reading tasks are accomplished.  mastery, and perhaps, memorization of key points and definitions of some terms are needed for this one class’s exam.  i hope that i could maintain my grade.  my other professor also gave me a very satisfactory rating on my paper that i worked on while staying up on a friday night instead of going out and partying.  every sacrifice and effort did pay off this time, i suppose. 

i’m thinking of going to castro this thursday besides the fact that i have class during that evening.  i’ve been going there for the past three consecutive years, last year with my homeez and this one chinese chick whom i end up just seeing as a friend, and the other year with this burmese trick in which our being together only lasted for a short time.  ladies aside, it’s just fun seeing the diverse crowd perform and celebrate the festive mood as they close the streets during certain hours.  my firm is even celebrating a haloween costume shindig and i’m just thinking of wearing something simple.  some co-workers of mine do dress up fancily besides the pot luck celebration… i keep on going off tangent, i’ll see if i’ll go this year.  by intermittent pleas and sporadic decisions anything can happen.

here is a good synthesis on how manipulative someone who’s very good in utilizing verbose and pretentiously powerfully constructed sentences can be:

d: well, and you say that you wish cleinias to become wise?

s: undoubtly

d: and he is not wise as yet?

s: at least his modesty will not allow him to say that he is.

d: you wish him to become wise and not to be ignorant?  you wish him to be what he is not, and no longer to be what he is?… you wish him no longer to be what he is?  which can only mean that you wish him to perish!  pretty lovers and friend they must be who want their favorite not to be, that is to perish!

such consternation has this put me at first; yet powerfully manipulative if applied.  politicians are well known with these.

yet i would just admire how stifling yet unbashly ludicrous this is:

filipino lady was taking an exam for us citizenship

examiner: u spelled ‘window’ correctly.  now, use ‘window’ in a sentence.

filipino lady: ‘window’ i get my citizenship papers?

yeah, frivolous but i heed its petty laughter… back to more reading before i sleep.


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