ooh thursday.  i’m so glad that i have no work tomorrow.  i never felt so tired until tonight.  i was becoming resltess although i’ve always been attentive in class.  i must be hungry.  those chicken nuggets that i just cooked seemed to have abated my hunger.  i walked home with one of my classmates from class.  it was cold and i was complaining.  there were a lot of people hanging out of hertz.  they must be musicians who are waiting to use the auditorioum. 

it’s been months since i haven’t gone to a concerto.  one of my co-workers is performing this november so i’m certain that i won’t miss that.  their string quartet i believe is performing brahms.  i didn’t want to play the guitar during the weeknights since i know everyone around the unit is studying.  guitar-playing has been an entertaining pastime to my senses when it doesn’t disturb the intermittent silence.  one of these days i’m going to play in a band again.  just like the old days, only that we performed cover.  i didn’t mind.

now let me entail on what i really have to do this weekend.  friday is included since i got the day off this week: meet with professor for class appeal, rendezvous with 2 counselors for s.a.r., meetup with mentor at 2pm nearby kroeber, call phone and dsl provider for contract promotion review and mark-off, read 4 books for homework and class discussion preparation, work on critical paper due next week, consummate weekly journals, review for business exam, call family and friends, go to mountain view for a personal mission, check out co-worker’s band performance in sf, church, wash car, haircut, exercise, grocery, laundry… and i thought i was a bit omniscient on the task.  i know i will miss some of these.  i have to write a source document so i can keep myself handy in times of ephemeral oblivion. 

one of my close friends was high again last night.  i think he’s hooked on trees.  i’m happy i’m not.  i wish i can help him but i guess that’s him.  but i know he’d hopefully quit on it soon since it does slow him down.  i’m done that phase.  i’m also glad i already told my younger brother about these things.  it’s evident that he’s been experimenting with gateway substances so i’d rather educate him a bit and the rest would be on his further experience.  i also tried to enlighten my younger sisters about sex.  ‘just fulfilling my duties as an older brother. 

i might call the girl working in the tux shop.  probably ask her out to lunch.  i just don’t want to get serious though.  whoever said i was?  i just wanted to be friends with her. 

and your undeclared premise is?

this voice ringing in my head.  i guess i’ve met a handful just this year and i decided not to commit.  the postulate cannot be time mismanagement.  the argument can be arbitrary but i’d rather commit myself to hitting the books and finishing my priorities before time gets old for my age. it’s hard when you’re working full-time and also going to school full-time.  unless the girl also has the same lifestyle as i do.  that’s why i’d prefer girls who go to the same educational institution.  they understand your tribulation and struggle.  but i’d rather concentrate on what i’m supposed to do first.  it’ll only last an ephemeral moment until i realize that all these years have passed and i have done nothing productive to my educational training.  my korean roommate has a good lineage of attainment in his family.  2 of his older sisters went to yale and the other 2 went to cal.  but then again, it’s the application of everything. 

i hope this scholarship is going to do its duty next year.  i just got denied this year because of financial reasons.  now i presume that those who don’t really need what fafsa provides pretentiously play around with their stats.  now i don’t want to hate but i’d rather do it with long-run perspective.  did someone say i did a dumb move?  i may have but my forte is to try to be clean as possible.  

of course a transient decision can affect the course of the main road.  everything boils down similar to accounting.  forecasting and financial analysis is tied down to every minute transaction made.  i just thought i was in deep trouble with the cash register analysis.  it took me a couple hours to reconcile the amounts until i finally knew that it was to my own error.  the financial software is more often than not accurate as what they said.  i missapplied a wrong digit that just got me into the threshold of ephemeral morning madness.

i have to start doing my homework now.  the good times at kelly’s mission rock still haunted me albeit i got tired of the phase.  once in a while isn’t bad.  ok, back to work…

sometimes your attitude in life often reflects your altitude in life


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