an ignored whining is useless, how much more useless can the whiner be if ignored?

i’ved waited for the last minute until the wednesday night class ended.  the rest of the class has already left.  there were only 3 of us left.  it reminded me of that same session last week wherein everyone else evaded the discussion since the midterm had an incentive.  it wasn’t bad at all.  i still had to catch up with my goof.  i helped others but i overlooked at myself.  i should be more aware of leaning inward than the agapé sort of principle.  just like what the professor said. a lot of individuals tend to go overboard into existentialism and the rational to their being because the centrifugal force leading them outward strays them away from the roots of the physical world.  in some cases, too much punitive and deliberate enlightenment can lead to nowhere except the self.  what is the use of application if the study itself was initialized after all?

that’s why my belief is an amalgam of principles from different religions.  i still go to newman and follow the taught pious ways. i would, however, adhere to the prudent approach of modern christianity, reflect on the adages of zen buddhism, follow the ways of confucionism, and incorporate the philosophies of different ancient and modern western paragons of brilliant knowledge.  i’d go with what i want if it’s for the common good.  there is no hating.  criticizing others doesn’t make sense.  i’d act dumb on those matters just to show how erroneous those antagonists are on what they’re saying.  what they say comes back to them; hence the saying, shoe in your mouth.  too bad they don’t comprehend. 

i guess i missed kung fu.  i missed going to the weeknight meditation, different form learnings and exercises.  i missed taking the longest session on friday afternoons, i missed the sparring sessions on weekends.  give and take anyway.  my knuckles and other joints are still sore and are forming scars and calluses from the wooden block that i try to constantly practice on.  i still try get with the splits every morning.  i try to remember the basic form exercises.  one thing i know for sure that will decline, the skill of fast reflex and counter-attacking in sparring.  i’ll get back to it.  i just have to finish my education. 

time to finish that homework.  happy thursday.

everyone complains! – gp’s witty comment when asked about employee problems on his birthday


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