another great monday. i learned a lot.

my boss told me that i have to work smarter in terms of preparing a billing backup for all of the projects that we bill to the client.  i am not even close to the phase on how he does it.  i have to work on that target soon.  it’s a tie between the giants and angels.  the articulate co-workers were thoroughly narrating and analyzing last sunday’s game and the fake tickets that scalpers rip off from.  i was focusing more on my work and besides, i’d rather keep my mouth shut since i don’t really know what they were talking about. 

i missed the free show of the foo fighters at the bear’s lair tonight.  i had to finish this one paper due in 2 days.  i just wanted to take care of it as soon as i can.  i went to safeway to do my weekly grocery shopping for a break.  the nice girl whom i kinda check out when i do my grocery there wasn’t there.  yeah, i find her cute…  oh well. 

this one guy was asking me for money when i was getting change for my laundry.  i think he’s more well-mannered than those whom i heard are more pompously ill-mannered and violent in the city.  i cannot give nevertheless.  the guy has to find the way of getting something from the government.  there are a lot of programs there as a matter of fact.  it’s either they take advantage of it or not.  if they do, they use their peddling activities to buy drugs or for some virulent purpose. 

the evening was pretty productive.  i got to do my laundry, i finished my debate schema, i almost had my take-home midterm on a consummately answered basis ( i hope ).  and now i just have to read 2 essays and i can call it a day.

be bloody, bold, and resolute, laugh to scorn; the power of man, for none of woman born, shall harm macbeth –  shakespeare on macbeth

a fallacy of amphiboly: careless structure that deceives the unaware


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