a witty and attractive thracian servant-girl is said to have mocked thales for falling into a well while he was observing the stars and gazing upwards, declaring that he was eager to know the things in the sky but that what was behind him and just by his feet escaped his notice – plato, theaetetus

the homily at the 10pm mass was really great.  we tend to forget all of the things that we wanted to do because there are these big responsibilities that bound us to comply so we can supposedly further ourselves to that road that we are treading.  we tend to forget the breeze running through our faces as we feel the autumn season coming in.  all of these: the rays of the morning sun, the beautiful sky, the life, the blessings, are superseded by work, school projects, bills to pay, chores and everything. 

one thing i know for sure, i realized how peaceful it is closing my eyes just for a few minutes as i sit down in my bed with the dimly lit lamp casting slight shadows and silhouettes that i never see when the prevailing light comes in to devour the hiding darkness.


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