i guess i was kinda academically unproductive on friday and saturday.  the deviation seems to reflect a margin of error in every theoretical system that deems true in most cases.  imagine how much time surfing takes in one sitting when one is bored?  it could have been converted into reading one of my books.  i did have a good aim conversation with my former schoolmate who’s now in michigan.  those good old times that we had with old friends was so fun to ludicrously reminisce and reflect on. 

my saturday class professor broke one of his toes and the class was cancelled.  it’s really sad because my professor is still in the recuperating stage of his ankle surgery.  i took my second layer of sweater off since it started getting sunny as i walk my way through sproull plaza. 

i decided to go to my cousin in hayward at an earlier time instead.  stopping by the korean restaurant at the asian ghetto place was a feasible idea but i wanted to have lunch with my cousin just to catch up a good conversation on what’s going on with him lately.  i changed my clothes to a thinner garment before getting into the wheel.  the drive along nimitz wasn’t as bad as i’ve read it on the paper regarding its notoriety.  it was on a weekend and i guess the dissertation was explained on the chronicle about the freeway was on a rush hour basis.  the sun was shining bright.  i got to wear my shades again… small things.

my cousin and i just kicked it right after i had myself fitted for a tux.  the girl working there gave her number just in case i had any questions.  i was thinking of calling her to have lunch with me sometime but i didn’t want to get too serious again since my focus in work and school would dramatically defeat its purpose.  ( and that’s the reason why i’ve been having short-term relationships this year ).  i ended up reading the book at my cousin’s lounge room that i brought but realized that this was the only time that we got to kick it so i joined him watching tv. 

moulin rouge, real world, fm station, and anything that we can find.  i tried to watch all of his def comedy jam videos but i had a good laugh with most of them.  my cousin cooked adobo and it was very scrumptious.  his fiancée’s mom taught him how to cook some other filipino recipes and i wish i would just learn how to cook someday.  hey, i did cook when i was living with my parents.  but not as much complexity with the other preparation that my cousin knows. 

of all the boredom, we ended up hitting mission rock.  drunk as usual, i had a great time myself.  met some people whom i haven’t seen in a long time and if i could really remember pecked some girls who were introduced to me by mutual friends.  the last time i went out clubbing was 6 months ago.  talk about getting old… or just changing priorities.  these next weeks i’m gonna be confining myself with books and researching – except for the bachelor party.  my cousin had a phat headache and i thought of driving up to berkeley.  it was about 4am.

i woke up at 12 noon and had to go to milano for the group study.  i felt so productive while those who came in coordinated and brainstormed their ideas with the problems for the midterm.  i came home by 3 and i still had to give some notes to my other classmate since she can’t make it for the group study. 

if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail abraham maslow

another one of those perspectives of philosophical utility.  we see things as they are, but there are those who see things differently and make the advantage of using them for another purpose beneficial to them.  if i was to classify myself with pythagoras’ 3 kinds of people, i’d go with the third kind.  reading the book at my cousin’s lounge room with the sun rays penetrating the tranquility of the conducive surrounding was just another one of those better moments in my life.


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