30 more minutes to go and i’m off from work.  i am not even supposed to be surfing.  they’re lenient anway but i decided not to surf at work until i get home.  well, this could be an exception.  it’s my way of being elated from a good week that just came through from work and school. 

our department size was on a dramatic dwindle.  my first co-worker, who also makes music for covers and lp’s, left early because he wasn’t feeling well.  my boss, who i think is in the olympic swimmer status, left second because he has to train.  kb, who used to teach finance at sf state, left so he won’t miss the 6pm train back to his place in milbrae.  i’m all alone in the accounting office.  i love my team and i love my job nevertheless.

i just realized that a lot of people in the firm also went to cal.  ag for instance lived at cheney, couple blocks from where i’m living.  she and a few other people here graduated way back.  our marketing director was also a very proactive student during the vietnam war.  our lunch at kuleto’s encompassed her experiences with helicopters roaming around the campus while they were on class.  she said cal was closed for a quarter during the late 60’s.  talk about history. 

i can’t wait to get off.  i’m studying on a friday night, anyway.  i’m wierd now, i used to party during the weekends.  now i like to get ready for next week’s classes.  i just love learning. 

… or maybe i could see ‘the ring?’

to know the value of life is to understand how losing it is.

patience is a virtue… well consider it foremost


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