i just did the finishing touches to my paper 5am saturday morning.  coming back from the north wasn’t bad at all in terms of traffic.  i had to wake up around 8:30ish to get to class.  it was a nice sunny weather.  wearing shorts would be a good idea. 

the walk along rohnert sanctuary reminded me of that same walk along ohlone park as i came from one of the symposiums last thursday.  it was a contemplative milieu for someone who’s not in a hurry. 

i tried the chicken bbq from the same korean place at the asian ghetto place.  they do give lots of food compared to the others.  i have a big appetite, yet stress from school and work has eventually dwindled my eating habits.  my mom said i lost weight, and i guess one of my homegirls’ mom as well.  it doesn’t matter.  binge eating is over for my age.  they all settle in the aponeurosis area covering the oblique fiber muscles.  one reason anyway for coming back to my folks’ place is the ubiquitous ration in the fridge. 

what do do, what to do.  i have to prepare a presentation for financial accounting and management.  my critical paper is due tuesday.  group study for philosophy exam by the weekend at milano, and art proposal for extra point critiqing 3 weeks from now.

in chinese thought, the human qi is made of the five elements, fire, metal, earth, wood, and water, which corresponds to the five vital organs: the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, and kidneys respectively.

the meridians plotted around the body are making sense to me, i just had to do further reading and studying.  it’s apparently practical.  i’ve been akin to refurbish the pressure point and reflexology knowledge that i learned 10 years ago.  i’m a sucker for alternative medicine.

i guess i’m gonna chill with my homegirl tonight.  it’s kinda wierd for me to ask her to group study at the sf state library.

“you’re crazy, i don’t want to study on a saturday night.”

here comes my nerd side.  i don’t care.  better prepared doing something productive academically than come to class without knowing what the professor is saying.

gotta fix my hair now…


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