the noblest way is not to disable others but to improve yourselves – socrates

the colloquium wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be.  i had just gotten off from a jump start to start my paper but i felt the need for rest.  if all that i laid out in the blueprint was to be conformed, then i would have then considered myself a mechanical being.  i am human.  as descartes says:

i think, therefore i am.

maslow generated one of the first theories of motivation in the workplace.  it was called the heirarchy of needs: physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization.  my professor stated that the theory itself was an old theory but it was still being followed 50 years from its formulation.  i still had to adhere to those principles because they essentially laid out the primary necessities of what humans need not just in the workplace, but also the milieu that also stands out as an affluent influence.

if you love something, nothing can stop you.

no matter what people say, no matter what problems may come in, as long as i know the road i’m treading i’ll get there. 

still another diaspora, i had to do chores.  and what am i doing?  reading and preparing notes for next week’s lecture.  insinuating really is powerful when it finally influences the body to be oblivious to practical issues.  i had to call accountants, inc. (now where’s that registered trademark so i don’t run into infringement issues? ) about rolling over my 401k to merill lynch( ditto ), i had to get quarters from that laundrymat along college to wash my clothes. 

now why don’t i do my laundry over there anyways?  it could be more efficient than the ones in my apartment.  oh, i didn’t want to park my ride on a limited daytime parking and get another ticket.  i guess i have to ask my classmate for another hookup if i get one.  i just got more conscientious after we took up the chapter of business moral ethics.  nope, i have to painstakingly develop the discipline and accept responsibility.  if i hopefully get to start my own business, i’d want to develop the foundations at an earlier phase. 

i guess my co-worker was right with starting at an early age with everything.  stocks, portfolios, personal constitution and values alike are coalesced in their unique ways to form the better persons in us.  i’m just amazed he used to teach finance at sf state.  one of our newly hired i.s. techies took a class under him.  r.g. apparently recommends him since my co-worker was outstanding in dealing with students.  now talk about emotional intelligence.

i just read another book about e.q. at cody’s.  it was called primary leadership.  oh, everything is so true.  i wonder why i am so obsessed with all of these?  i guess i just want to see myself as an embodiment of what these principles are trying to claim.  and they basically are true to their entirety, not just an ephemeral reality.  i’ve seen the results and i believe others have seen it as well.  a paraphrased anecdote from the book:

the board meeting was filled with anxiety.  the members were worried about how their financial forecasts and budget for the next few years were going through.  the chairman came in and said he had to cut his speech short about the agenda.  he rather lashed out at everyone about how the company was doing.  he cursed and brutely ranted about how poor the management was done, and blamed more of the weight to the board members themselves. 

everyone in the room felt the animosity when the chairman left the room.  he was obviously getting into their nerves.  the next thing they wanted to do is call security or do something barbaric. 

the chief operations officer came in a few minutes later.  he called in earlier and was running late after a few meetings with other consultants.  but to the board member’s astonishment, he ubiquitously filled out an assuring ambience.  he  relinquished their anguish about the company situation and confided with their hopes and confidence that they could pull it through in the next fiscal quarters.  as the officer left, everyone felt a relaxed and optimistic state from his encouraging words and were motivated in the next few hours in restructuring the operations in every office location and respective departments of the company.

now who did you think made a big difference?

my friend answered: the security.

now i got to get my ass off and get with the program.  meeting at 2pm, laundry later, paper tonight.  to the city, if chance with reading permits, saturday night.  just chill with my homegirl.

and yes, i would have already gotten a c- or lower in my english class regarding grammar and content.


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