i just had a conversation with my roommates.  the first issue was regarding our dsl connection in which our computer engineering roomie alleviated promptly.  the other matter, well not nominally, was how the one who’s taking lsat had a bad experience with the former occupants of the apartment.  i guess it takes a lot of life experience to figure out a social rebuttal.  there are a lot of haters out there, and everybody is created in his/her own way.  if it wasn’t for my buddy, i wouldn’t have learned to thrive myself amidst the turbulent situations of life.  acting dumb was one of his strategies.

now what did i get from that disposition.  besides acquiring zen principles, i learned how to go with the motion of the ocean and make the wind vex its force towards itself instead of against me.  there have been times that we meet these people who just annoy us even by the presence of their shadow.  they’re human beings regardless.  and beings they are we are just all the same in entity and spirit, only bound with different characters juxtaposing the complexities of human interaction.  the real question is how do we untangle these series of life wires and usurp its indifference so we can co-exist without nuanced contempt.

they’re just there, and you have to live with it.  you have to do something about it.  bitching doesn’t solve the problem.  just do it: a famous nike classic. ( nike is the assistant and messenger of the myth godess of wisdom athena, by the way.  now talk about where all these adages came from  )  i’d prefer zen thinking.  i want less baggage.  i am an elephant.  what was that book i read about that again?  i’d dig more into emotional intelligence.  i just realized how the amygdala easily influences us with its conditioned impulses against any threat.  do correct me if i’m wrong from someone who’s more knowledgeable.  i’d rather be corrected and learn than live a lie.

my other friend called me in the middle of class and i forgot to turn the ringer off.  that was my goof.  oh well.  i’ve learned something and i know what to do next.  i just realized nobody cares anyways, except for haters… it’s not my problem anyways.


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