i had to go.  i had to sleep.  i haven’t even finished emerson’s readings.  the guy just has a wide range of vocabulary that i had to look up some of his transcendent words. 

For noncomformity of the world whips you with its displeasure.

that was a good verse.  i guess i’m going to raise that up in class discussion since it was part of the course outline for that period.  i didn’t heed what orwell just said about his writing principles. 

never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you think of an everyday english equivalent.

i had to think further, beyond rhetoric affinity usurping my primitive eclat with ignorance.  there was no other way to learn but to importune the self-yielding principles of better writing.  i had to concede myself and yet i still enjoy it.  i am learning.  and learning and gaining knowledge may take utter pain that chagrins an aficionado.

i just remembered one of my buddies asking me on why i had to leave the city.  i chose education more than a nonchalant lifestyle where everything encompasses partying, enjoyment, and a lethe from the real world.  i figured there’s something more to life than feeding one’s capricious senses.  i crave for wisdom, for higher education, and anything that i could attain so i can give all of these back to society.  more prattling…

monday’s over and i’m happy.  i’ve learned a lot from today.  i’ve considered paranoia and ignorance as the aversion of critical thinking and objectivism.  i’d rather adhere to the latter.


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